Les Chalets du Lac Grenier
Panoramic Lac Grenier

On November 22nd 1849, land-surveyor Quinn visited the lake and named it Lake Dorwin, after Jedehias Dorwin (Darwin), as a reminder of "Darwin's Logging Road" which came to the edge of this lake. Around 1880, the inhabitants of Chertsey named the lake Lake Grenier in honour of Jean-Baptiste Grenier, husband to Azilda Desmarais, who would often stay in the sector to work on the logging sites. The name was officially accepted in 1938 by the "Commission de géographie du Québec". In 1947, the "Commission géographic du Québec" re-christened the lake to Lake Drouin in honour of a family Drouin who, for several years, would stay at the lake during the summer seasons. According to a recent historical search, no family of that name lived in the municipality. Since 1957, the name Lake Grenier has reappeared and is now the official name.

Aerial View of the Resort
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Lac Grenier